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Tattoo Shops In Las Vegas


There are many tattoo shops in Las Vegas. The ones that are nearest or on the Vegas Strip cater to most of the tourists that visit our beautiful city. Some of these shops are located within the resort casinos themselves and some are store fronted on their own. These shops are often times themed (traditional, black and grey, color or portrait shops or a combination of all). Location also plays a factor in what these shops have to offer when it comes to price and accessibility.



Tattoo Shops off the Strip in Las Vegas

Our tattoo shop, Trip Ink Tattoo Company, is a great example of what a tattoo shop off the Strip is like. But unlike most of the shops off of the Vegas Strip (or throughout Vegas) we specialize in every tattoo style. Not to say that those other shops aren’t extraordinary in their own way. Tattoo shops in Las Vegas are very versatile when it comes to styles and prices.


Why to Get a Tattoo in Las Vegas

When you’re in Vegas why not get a tattoo? Our city is basically the hub for the best tattoo artists in the world. They visit here and guest spot at various tattoo shops. Some move here and work or even open up their very own shop. There are hundreds of tattoo shops to choose from too, which can get pretty exhausting when you just want a tattoo. But then again there are the infamous “souvenir tattoos”. Tattoos that cost the shop minimum, so that visitors can still have money left to enjoy our city. Some shops (like ours) charge $60 for their minimum, while some charge $200 as their minimum. The more pricier shops you’ll find within the resort/casinos, or on Las Vegas Blvd where the action is. It just all depends upon your budget.


Deciding to Get Tattooed

Now that you know a bit more about tattoo shops in Vegas you can decide whether to get tattooed and where to go. But be sure to do your research. Price shouldn’t be an issue if you want custom work, but if price is an issue you may want to simply get a “souvenir tattoo”. Decide with a specific budget in mind what you can afford for a tattoo that takes hours to do. For a custom tattoo you’re looking at $150-300 an hour, (depending upon the shop). Off the Strip $150 an hour is pretty basic. Our shop for example is at $150 an hour, and on the Strip you may spend up to $300 an hour. It doesn’t mean that Strip shops are better. Its just what you pay for their location.

So now that you have all of this information, check around for the shop thats right for you! Ours is only a block from the Vegas Strip, off of Tropicana and then south on Dean Martin, but check out what else is out there too. We just want you to love your tattoo experience, because getting a tattoo should be fun!