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Optimized press release

We are Trip Ink Tattoo Company. A tattoo shop in Las Vegas, Nevada only a block from the world famous Vegas Strip. Tattoo artist Rick Trip and his wife Stef Trip own and run the shop, and they are both widely known and respected throughout the Vegas Valley. Currently they are looking for a shop apprentice to be taught the art of tattooing by shop owner and famous tattoo artist, Rick Trip.


We are even accepting American Veterans to apply with their GI Bill, which will pay in full for their apprenticeship. It’s such a great opportunity to be a part of a great industry and to be a brilliant tattoo artist! Drawing skills are a huge perk and self discipline is a must. A lot will be demanded from the shop apprentice that we choose. But it’s well worth it.

Depending upon the skill set of the applicant to be our next shop apprentice, they should expect to be apprenticed for 6 months to a year. After their apprenticeship is completed they’re guaranteed a job as a tattoo artist at our shop. What a great way to start a career!


Rick Trip will hand pick the person to be our next shop apprentice. And he’s quite particular about who he’ll choose. Preferably we’d rather to give this opportunity to an American Veteran, but anybody is welcome to apply. And there are a few ways to apply: Either at our shop in person at 5115 Dean Martin Drive, or through email at tripinktattooco@gmail.com. Simply send to our email or bring to our shop any of your current artwork. From what Rick observes from each applicant, he’ll determine who’s best qualified. But apply soon, before it’s too late, if you or anybody you may know wants to get into this industry.


Every year the world of tattooing just keeps getting bigger and that just means more opportunities for artists! It’s such an exciting time to want to be a part of something so awesome like this, so apply now to be our new shop apprentice!

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