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Interview with KR Rossi

KR Rossi

We have a new resident tattoo artist at our shop! His name is KR Rossi. Here’s a little interview with him by Stef Trip:

Stef Trip: “Hey there KR! Welcome to our shop! Let’s start with you telling us a little about yourself.”

KR: “I’m originally from Yuba City, CA (45 mins north of Sacramento) I’ve been doing tattoos since I was in high school, but professionally for over 20 years. I got into tattooing while going to Wyo Tech to get an associates degree in auto body, collision, custom paint and upholstery. I had been hanging out at a tattoo shop while going to school, I showed the owner some home made kitchen magician scabs I had done and he told me they were pretty decent all things considered lol. Long story short… I graduated Wyo Tech and came home to get a job with my new education and I realized I just wanted to party and get in trouble. Later I called the shop in Colorado and they got me back to Colorado and got me away from trouble and here I am!! I still like to party. Life is short and I’m not here for a long time I’m here for a good time! (Moderation is key lol.)”

Stef Trip: “Nice! It’s interesting how you came to be a tattoo artist! So what would you say is your style of tattooing?”

KR: “After getting my fundamentals down I ended up being best at my version of traditional tattooing. I emphasize on “MY” version.  I like tattooing traditional things; flowers weapons, ships, birds, lighthouses, sugar skulls, spiders etc. Not a huge fan of faces, pin ups or weird child like drawn animals. I pretty much enjoy anything with line work. I have fun with Polynesian and Mandala/Hindi styled tattoos as well. Most people like my color work but I also like dot work and black work tattoos.”

Stef Trip: “You have a pretty cool style. I’ve seen your work. Where have you worked throughout your career as a tattoo artist?” 

KR: “I’ve worked in a ton of places. All over California, Las Vegas, Texas, Philadelphia, Seattle, Colorado and Japan to just name a handful. I’ve won several awards for my work and have been featured in tons of magazines back when magazines were still a thing.”

Stef Trip: “Nothing wrong with having your art in a magazine! And you’ve traveled pretty far out! Now… besides being a talented tattoo artist, what do you do when you’re not tattooing?”

KR: “When I’m not tattooing I enjoy my private time, lowriders, hitting the gym, cooking, painting and boring stuff like bowling and sitting on my couch hanging with my French Bulldog Bacon and my Micro Bully KoKo, watching tv and taking naps. I’m a 43 year old Capricorn who still thinks he is 25 year old man child.”

Stef Trip: “LOL! 😂 A lot of us are still children at heart. And from one fellow Capricorn to another (yes… I’m a Capricorn too! 🤘🏻) it’s been a pleasure getting to know you a little better with this interview! Thanx KR! And welcome once again to our tattoo shop, Trip Ink Tattoo Company!”

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