Appointment Request

Appointment Request

This is where you Request to Book a Tattoo or Piercing at our shop. It is always best to Request an Appointment by emailing us at TripInkLV@Gmail.com, or by texting us at 702-605-6633. And please mention what you want to get done, as well as when you prefer to schedule with us. For a tattoo, please send pics of your idea, as well as let us know the preferred placement and size. For a piercing, simply let us know the piercing. You can also call or text us at 702-605-6633 for any questions, or to check our availability to be a walk-in.

Please keep in mind that once you Request to Book a Tattoo or Piercing, we will still need to get confirmation from an artist (or piercer) of ours. Then we’ll see about securing you in.


Note from our Tattoo Artists:
“If you would like to book a tattoo and need to know more about the price, placement or how much time it might take to complete, instead of calling around from shop to shop trying to find the price you want with an artist you’ve never met, just book a Free Consultation with us. During your consult we will discuss placement, price and time your tattoo will take to do. If you would still like to look around after that, we’ll be more than happy to direct you to some of the other reputable tattoo shops in Las Vegas.”