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Our shop is Artist owned and operated and we work with the most acclaimed, top notch, powerhouse Tattoo Artists. From beginning to end, we strive to give you the best experience possible as you leave wanting more!

Meet Rick Trip, our owner and lead tattoo artist at Trip Ink Tattoo Company. In addition to that he’s known as being one of the most talented tattoo artists in Las Vegas. With

Here is our artist Crab. Very talented at a ton of tattooing styles and he’s been tattooing for a long while. Read the bio below to learn more about this talented artist, and als

We’re introducing and welcoming to our tattoo shop family… Osker Danger! Below are some of his past tattoos, so be sure to check those out! And also be sure to check out some o

Check out Kelsi! She’s our talented female tattoo artist at our shop, with the coolest attitude, and she’s ready to get you in to get tattooed! Check out some of her tattoos be

Check out the very talented Chris Foltz! He’s a very versatile tattoo artist and he’s ready to book a tattoo with you! Take a look at some of his tattoos below (and also check

Check out Coob! He’s one of our Resident Artists who has a steady hand and an eye for detail. He amazingly with both color and black & white ink. Check out his portfolio

Check out Jeff Fredrick! He’s a great tattoo artist that will hook you up with the most amazing ink! He’s from Alabama and has been a fellow tattoo artist friend of our

Check out our artist Justin Ray! He’s a very talented tattoo artist that really loves what he does, so be sure to look at some of the tattoos he has for you below and request

Meet fellow tattoo artist, at Trip Ink Tattoo Company, Frank Merida! He’s a wiz at black and grey realism and portraits, and he’s available to book you in with at our s

Guest Artists

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