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Jeremy Spencer of FFDP

As most of you metal-heads know… Jeremy Spencer of FFDP… their exceptional drummer and one of their founders… has left the band. And as a most of you know he’s a good friend of ours too. It shouldn’t be a sad thing that he’s taking on different dreams and reaching for better outcomes in life. Above all he’s just doing what he knows is best for his life and as a career as an a entertainer.

We’re actually very excited for him! He’ll no longer just be know as Jeremy Spencer of FFDP… but as something more. And we also know that we’ll see him around no matter where he goes. Either at our tattoo shop getting tattooed by Rick Trip, or somewhere else hella cool. Therefore we’re not sad… we’re actually happy as all hell for him! Whoever takes his place as Five Finger Death Punch’s new drummer has some pretty large shoes to fill…. But that’s just the way it is when such an amazing talent has to leave. 

Jeremy Spencer of FFDP: An Artist Evolving 

Throughout the past 8 years we’ve hung out with Jeremy and seen many of FFDP’s shows. Understanding Jeremy and why he feels the need to leave is why we are happy for him. The band will carry on being as bad-ass as ever, and all the guys of the band are most likely proud and happy for him. 

Even during the early days with Jeremy to where he is now with his new chiseled look and superb health… it’s been a hell of a ride knowing him. But it’s not do or die with him… it’s do and conquer. 

We’ll continue to support our friend and the rest of the guys of FFDP. Our tattoo shop will always be there for all of them to come hang out. Good luck to YOU Jeremy! And also to FFDP! We’ll see all of you around Vegas and wherever your amazing talents take you! 


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