ArtistsTattoo Point in Naples, Italy!!!!

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Tattoo Point in Naples, Italy!!!!

The third tattoo shop that we visited, during our European trip, was in the beautiful and historic city of Naples, Italy. We by chance ran into Tattoo Point, while we were sight seeing, enjoying glasses of wine and eating the most amazing pizza from the city where pizza originated from. Well hidden and tucked away in an ancient alley, we ventured up some narrow stairs to the front entrance of their tattoo shop and from there we were greeted by some of the most talented and generous tattoo artists! We were given some awesome stickers, purchased a shop shirt and also bought some of their original artwork as well. Then we were shown around their beautiful shop and noticed all of the most amazing traditional Japanese tattoos and art that they specialize in! Before we left we took a picture with all of the artists that were there. We’ll definitely be back to their shop when we come back through Naples, Italy! And you should check them out too if you’re planning on being in that area! Thank you Tattoo Point and Naples, Italy for such a kick-ass time!!!!