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Family Art Tattoo, in Barcelona!!!!

Here’s another BLOG, about one of the many tattoo shops that we visited while traveling throughout Europe. While we were walking around Barcelona, Spain we saw some beautiful and inspiring sights, but we had our heart set on visiting Family Art Tattoo… a tattoo shop that we’ve heard of mainly because of the man who owns and runs it… Victor Chil. One of the best color artists out there, Victor was super gracious to us and even though he had no shirts or art for sale at his shop, he simply gave Rick Trip one of his prints (pictured above). We admired the shop’s art and bad-ass trophies for awhile, while visiting Victor and the other artists at the shop, and we even had the pleasure of watching another very talented artist named Koan tattoo a beautiful Japanese piece on a thigh. Talk about precision! We wish that we could’ve gotten tattooed while visiting Victor’s shop, but they stay pretty booked up… so maybe next time. 😉 We were very pleased and honored to have finally seen Family Art Tattoo and to have met Victor Chil. We’ll definitely be back!!!!

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