ArtistsRick Trip and Goon in Reno!!!!

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Rick Trip and Goon in Reno!!!!

This is just in! Rick Trip and Alex (Goon) Kelley, from Trip Ink Tattoo Company Las Vegas, will be taking a road trip out to Reno, Nevada, to both tattoo guest spot at our good friends Shannon and Matt Snell’s (Shannon is a DJ at Stone Chrome Radio in Reno and Matt was the ex bass player for Five Finger Death Punch and also for Invidia) new beautiful tattoo shop, My Religion Tattoo! They’ll be available to tattoo at My Religion December 4th-6th, so be sure to book your appointment with them now, by emailing us at tripinktattooco@gmail.com.  Even if you’re in North Cali or anywhere else in Northern Nevada (and of course if you’re in Reno), you should come out to My Religion and get tattooed by either Rick Trip or Alex! They don’t always travel out to do tattoo guest spots, so if you’re not able to travel all the way to Vegas to get tattooed, you should take advantage of this!!!!

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