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Interview with Mike Schwab!!!!

About a month ago, our good friend and fellow tattooer Mike started working with us at Trip Ink Tattoo Company! He’s a very unique and talented artist, with his tattoo style being one of the most sought after in the tattoo industry today. We did a little interview with him so that everybody can get to know him better, so read on and see what inspires and drives this talented tattoo artist!

Trip Ink: “Hey Mike! Thank you for doing this interview with us! Here are a few questions for ya: What would you say is your primary style of tattooing?”

Mike: “I specialize in Illustrative/New School. Vibrant colors, bold images.”

Trip Ink: “And why did you get into tattooing?”

Mike: “I got into tattooing because I felt I could better translate my artwork than the people who would attempt to tattoo my drawings on friends. I enjoy the challenge of the medium and I’m constantly learning and growing, forever pushing myself to become better than I am.”

Trip Ink: “Who is your biggest influence when it comes to being an artist/tattoo artist?”

Mike: “My biggest influences artistically are Norman Rockwell, Alex Ross, Todd MacFarlane, Charles Schultz, Brian Froud, Iain McCaig and Glen Keane. As far as tattooing, and in regards to artists as well, Jime Litwalk, Frank LaNatra, Jesse Smith, Timmy B, Tanane Whitfield, Adam Hathorn (HonkeyKong), Scotty Munster, Robert Kane, Josh Woods and Marty McEwen to name a few.”

Trip Ink: “How would you compare yourself to the artists/tattoo artists of today?”

Mike: “I don’t. I do what I do, best. They do what they do, best.”

Trip Ink: “Where do you see yourself in the future as an artist/tattoo artist?”

Mike: “I see myself being a better artist than I was from years before.”

Trip Ink: “Very cool! Thanx for this quick lil Q & A with us! And welcome to Trip Ink Tattoo Company!”


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