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French Tattoo Connection in Marseille!

Here’s a BLOG about the 4th tattoo shop that we visited while on vacation in Europe! (This was the only tattoo shop that we visited while in France.) The streets of Marseille were very narrow and crowded, with the many people shopping here and there for trinkets, clothes, food… anything that you can imagine for a city nestled within the Mediterranean. We enjoyed the atmosphere as it reminded us here and there of American cities that we’ve visited in the past such as New York and San Francisco, but besides sight seeing we were looking for an amazing tattoo shop that would inspire us, since this was our last stop in France during our tour. When we finally found the French Tattoo Connection, we were drawn to how they spell “tattoo” (check out the pics above to see) and also to the vibrant tradional art that was everywhere within the shop. We were greeted by the only tattoo artist there that day, while he was about to start a tattoo. The other artists were away at a tattoo convention elsewhere, which meant to us that this shop also loves to travel and learn… just like us! While we explored the shop we noticed that they specialized in so many different types of traditional tattoo art… it was mind blowing! European Traditional, Japanese Traditional, American Traditional… you name it! Rick Trip took a picture with their artist, and then we were simply given two free shop shirts and hella stickers! What service and respect! We’ll definitely be back if and when we come back to Marseille! Thanx FTC for being so awesome!!!!

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