ArtistsAhhh… Amsterdam and Tattoo Palace!!!!

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Ahhh… Amsterdam and Tattoo Palace!!!!

On October 22nd, Rick and Stef Trip traveled from Southern Europe towards one of the most beautiful cities in Central Europe. Amsterdam in the Netherlands. We’ve always wanted to visit Amsterdam, for obvious reasons as well as for the idea of simply just being there. The canals, the historic clock towers and dutch architecture dating back hundreds or even thousands of years… it was magical. We first visited our awesome and gracious friends Dan and Sherry Parks, who’ve been luckily living there for some years. While kicking back we had some of the most rarest beer and whiskey in the world, grubbed on hors d’oeuvres and smoked the sweetest that Amsterdam has to offer. Then it was off to visit the streets. Walking along the vastly clean and cobblestoned streets we explored the sweet smelling atmosphere as we looked for this tattoo shop that was highly recommended for us to visit. When we finally ran into it, there it was… Tattoo Palace. By far one of the best and coolest tattoo shops that we’ve ever visited. We talked to the owner as well as two of their artists that were tattooing. And talk about symmetry! The way they tattooed was beyond perfect. They even knew about Trip Ink Tattoo Company in Las Vegas, as well as Rick and Stef Trip! When we began to leave, they gave us a few of their exquisite shop shirts and invited us to come back whenever we were back in Amsterdam, which is a definite thing to happen again in the future. After leaving Tattoo Palace and taking a few pictures out front of their shop, we shortly returned back to Dan and his sweet wife Sherry’s vintage and extraordinary old world Dutch townhouse, in the middle of the oldest part of the city. Place dated back to the 1600’s! And the beauty of it was well preserved to perfection. Then we went to the most extravagant, yet most chill restaurants that we’ve ever visited. The Bank. We were treated to the best of the best, and we were wowed beyond reason. Afterwards, the night was soon to end, so we turned in soon after at the awesome digs of Dan and Sherry. Even though we only enjoyed Amsterdam for a day, we fell in love with what we saw, tasted, smelled and we’ll definitely be back for more! Thanx for a very memorable experience and we look forward to savoring your beautiful city once again!

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