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Trip Ink Tattoo Company LV Carpool “Road Trip” Special. When you and your friends carpool to Trip Ink Tattoo Company in Las Vegas, Nevada from any surrounding state (or anywhere in Nevada) and receive a total of 24 hours of tattooing or more, Trip Ink Tattoo Company LV will pay for your gas, up to $500! (By appointment only and subject to availability. For more information, please read below.)

Trip Ink Tattoo Company in Las Vegas, Nevada is a business started as a popular tattoo shop for city locals, and has now expanded through tourism as well. Within walking distance of our very own Las Vegas Raiders Football Stadium (Allegiant Stadium) and also our Vegas Golden Knights Hockey Arena (T-Mobile Arena), and the Vegas Strip itself, we are a prime location with very reasonable prices.

Carpooling has long been a way to help our environment, and with gas prices as high as they are, every little bit helps. So Trip Ink Tattoo Company LV has decided to pay for your gas up to $500 (total gas purchased to get to Vegas, times two) per car load, traveling with up to 2-6 people, as a way to give back a little to show our appreciation for your efforts to come visit us. Must book no less than 24 hours of tattooing per group too, but with us paying for your gas getting to us times two, the savings are substantial.

So far this year Trip Ink Tattoo Company LV has seen a drop in our clients visiting us from other parts of Nevada, as well as our bordering states, due to high gas prices and inflation. So we thought to ourselves, what can we do to help? So we at Trip Ink Tattoo Company LV got together with some of our artists and designed a special for our clients traveling together, with their friends and/or family.

This offer is subject to availability between the Fourth of July and Halloween (October 31st), 2022, and is only available to our clients from Nevada, California, Utah, Arizona, Oregon and Idaho, with proof of residence required. Prices are by the hour (at $180 an hour), no less than 4 hours of tattooing per person (up to 6 people) and must equal to 24 hours of tattooing. A group deposit is also required, to put towards the total price of each tattoo, to guarantee availability.

Trip Ink Tattoo company LV artists are willing to tattoo your ideas from a design already chosen by you, and they are also well versed at designing custom tattoos for you too. We look forward to working together with all our clients from our surrounding states, and in Nevada, who have made Trip Ink Tattoo Company Las Vegas into the go to spot to get tattooed. And anybody traveling to get tattooed at Trip Ink Tattoo Company LV, we would love to see photos and videos from your journey, so we can share how fun your guys’ road trip has been getting to us!

More information is available upon request. Please feel free to share the link to this post, with your friends and family and the community you live in. For inquiries about how to book your group in to get tattooed at our shop with this special, please email us at TripInkLV@Gmail.com or text us at 702-605-6633. Please include this special in your message, as well as how many people are in your group, the artwork per person and also where you are all traveling from. You can also go to our website to check out Trip Ink Tattoo Company LV and our artists, and inquire about booking your group at www.TripInkTattoo.Vegas. Follow us as well, for updates and posts on Instagram: @TripInkTattooCo and also on our Facebook: @TripInkTattooLV.

Trip Ink Tattoo Company LV would truly like to thank our artists, owners and staff for making time for this special offer. And thank you again to all our clients, family and friends, who have made Trip Ink Tattoo Company LV what it is today.

– Trip Ink Tattoo Company Las Vegas
5115 Dean Martin Drive #906-907
Las Vegas, NV 89118

(Any and all other particulars about this special will be included in this copy. Press can contact the owners Rick and Stef Trip at TripInkTattooCo@Gmail.com, or they can be contacted directly at 702-408-8305.)

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