ArtistsTrip Ink’s Ozzy Osborne Tattoo and Listening Party!

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Trip Ink’s Ozzy Osborne Tattoo and Listening Party!

This coming Thursday, February 20th, starting at 10a our tattoo shop Trip Ink Tattoo Company in Las Vegas, Nevada (located at 5115 Dean Martin Drive) and 49 other top tattoo shops in various major cities across the world will be a part of a World Record Breaking event, and this widespread party will be hosted by none other than the prince of darkness himself… Ozzy Osborne! This is no ordinary party.


During the Ozzy Osborne Tattoo and Listening Party, all 50 tattoo shops will be tattooing Ozzy inspired tattoos on customers, while listening to Ozzy’s 17th solo album “Ordinary Man”, the day before it comes out to the public!


With so many Ozzy tattoos being done at the same time around the world and with so many people also listening to Ozzy’s new album the day before it even comes out… no wonder why this event will be known as World Record Breaking!

Ozzy Inspired Tattoos to Choose from at our Shop

We have some pretty sweet Ozzy inspired tattoos to choose from at our shop starting at $100 below (and these designs were even originally designed by Ozzy himself!), and also a larger scale piece (price up to the artist), from a very talented original artist that’s allowing us to tattoo his design only for this event.

Our 8 artists will also be open to other Ozzy inspired tattoos too, but all Ozzy tattoos will start at $100 that day during the party, even if the customer brings in their very own Ozzy inspired tattoo design. And nobody can schedule their smaller or simpler Ozzy inspired tattoo that day unfortunately, because of how high the demand will be, so tattoos will be first come first serve at our shop for the most part, starting at 10a on 2/20/2020.

We can however schedule larger scale Ozzy inspired tattoos with a deposit only. If you’d like to schedule a larger scale Ozzy inspired tattoo with us during the party, email us at tripinktattooco@gmail.com to set up a time ASAP, while there’s still availability. You can also go to our website at this link: https://www.tripinktattoo.vegas/contact-us-here/.


You can also call our tattoo shop and check for availability for first come first serve Ozzy tattoos at 702-586-5308.



The Day of the Party

This is the entrance to our beautiful tattoo shop, located at 5115 Dean Martin Drive, right between the T-Mobile Arena and our much anticipated Raiders Stadium. We will be ready to get everybody in as early as 10a on 2/20/2020, til as late as 10p that night. There will also be photographers and professionals filming periodically throughout the day.

It’s gonna be such a great party, so be sure to come get yourself an Ozzy inspired tattoo, listen to Ozzy’s new album before the world does… and also be a part of a World Record Breaking Event!