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Our New Resident Tattoo Artist Brad Huntington!

This June 2020 (when tattoo shops are once again open in Las Vegas) we’re proud to announce that our newest resident tattoo artist Brad Huntington will be tattooing at our shop! Brad is a very accomplished tattoo artist and a good friend of our owner and lead tattoo artist Rick Trip. Brad has owned tattoo shops in the past and he’s happy to be back in Vegas to tattoo, so read more about him below and be sure to book a tattoo with him this summer HERE.

Brad Huntington and His Tattoos

“Since I could remember I’ve been drawn to art like a moth to a flame….

I’ve been tattooing professionally full time since 2000, but started in 98’ on tattooing myself and my friends. I have also always been attracted to anything that is considered extreme, so it was pretty easy for me to pick the most extreme form of art and jump in with everything I had.

As far as my tattoo style… I tattoo so many styles that it’s hard to say. I basically do anything from new school bright colors, to photo realism, bio-mech, to traditional… and I mostly freehand, because I think things fit better that way.

When it comes to travel… I haven’t traveled too much as an artist, but that would be one of my future ambitions. To travel more and meet other artists and people in my industry would be amazing.

My main ambition as an artist is to focus on my progression and to also savor the passion I have for this incredible industry.”

Welcome to our shop Brad!

We are so happy to have Brad working with us starting this next month! Check out some of his work above, as well as more of his tattoos on his Instagram and Facebook and you’ll see that he’s one of the most talented tattoo artists to book a tattoo with at our shop!