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Rick Trip’s “TRIP” to the East Coast!

Starting Thursday, August 30th Rick Trip, owner, lead artist and fearless leader of our tattoo shop Trip Ink Tattoo Company (in Las Vegas, Nevada), will be traveling to the East Coast! His first stop during his trip is in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where he’ll travel to Rising Sun, Maryland to do a 6 day tattoo guest spot (August 31st-September 5th) at Helix Tattoo Lodge. Our good friend Justin Holcombe is the owner of this shop and he’s a very talented tattoo artist himself. Rick still has a few days open to tattoo at Helix Tattoo Lodge, so be sure to book with him now while he’s there by emailing him at tripinktattooco@gmail.com. Then on Thursday, September 6th both Rick and Justin will be traveling to Secaucus, New Jersey to tattoo at Mario Barth’s Inked Out Tattoo Convention! This show is always remarkably fun, with many of the world’s best tattoo artists in attendance tattooing and also with the stage acts and tattoo competitions… its definitely the place to be that weekend! It all starts on Friday, September 7th and goes on til the evening of Sunday September 9th, at the Meadowlands Expo Center. There is a fee to get into the show, but we do have free tickets for anyone that schedules a tattoo with either Rick or Justin there, so be sure to book by emailing us at tripinktattooco@gmail.com! You can also text/call to book a tattoo with Rick Trip, for either Helix Tattoo Lodge or for Mario Barth’s Inked Out Tattoo Convention at 702-408-8305.


Rick is very excited to travel some more this year! He’s already traveled to China and Thailand this past spring, while promoting his new tattoo ink sponsor, Bloodline Tattoo Inks (and be sure to look out for Rick’s new line of RICK TRIP tattoo inks, from Bloodline this year too!). Last year he even went all over Europe, so traveling back to the East Coast to do some more tattooing is something that definitely inspires and drives him to be the best at his craft. Getting a tattoo from Rick is truly an amazing experience, so be sure to get yours while he’s on the East Coast, this August 31st-September 9th at Helix Tattoo Lodge in Rising Sun, Maryland or at Mario Barth’s Inked Out Tattoo Convention in Secaucus, New Jersey!

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