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Rick and Stef Trip in Europe!!!!

Check this out, all ya’ll in Europe, this coming October (13th-22nd) 2017! Rick and Stef Trip will be taking a detour, from working our “asses off” in Vegas, to playing and “working” in Europe, as well as all throughout the most amazing cities (in varies countries) along the Mediterranean Sea, on a cruise ship, as well as by land! We’re even having a quick stop in Dublin, Ireland for a festive and “productive” good time!


All along our travels to Dublin, Ireland, and also Barcelona, Spain, as well as throughout Italy and France, we’ll be visiting and filming the most beautiful and historical places on earth. And we’re also visiting the most sought after tattoo shops along the way!


We’re super excited for our newest business venture in collaborating with all of the best tattoo shops (and artists) in the world! So stay tuned to what we have in store for not just Vegas… but for everybody… EVERYWHERE!!!!

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