ArtistsRick and Stef Trip at Dublin Ink!!!!

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Rick and Stef Trip at Dublin Ink!!!!

On October 13th, 2017 Rick and Stef Trip started their first day of traveling throughout Europe. Dublin, Ireland was their first stop, so they wanted to go to one of Dublin’s most reputable tattoo shops, so they chose Dublin Ink, located in the heart and history of this beautiful city. The artists and crew of Dublin Ink were super welcoming and they even gave Stef Trip one of their shop shirts for free as an awesome souvenir for their travels! Then Stef Trip did a little interview with shop owner, Norbert and shop artist Kevin as they chatted about their shop and the amazing tattoos that they do. They even offered Rick Trip a tattoo guest spot in the future! So if you’re in the Dublin area or planning on going to Dublin in the next year, check out when Rick Trip is planning to go back! And also be sure to check out Dublin Ink for your next tattoo, if you’re looking for an awesome shop with a great reputation in Dublin, Ireland!!!!

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