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Meet Trip Ink Tattoo Artist Jeff Parkway

Jeff Parkway (also known as Zoo) is definitely one of our most talented star tattoo artists at Trip Ink Tattoo Company, here in Las Vegas, Nevada. Besides him being one of our star artists, he’s also been with us at our tattoo shop since the very beginning (since 2013), when we were just opening and remodeling our tattoo shop, and he’s grown with us artistically as well as professionally throughout the process of creating and building Trip Ink Tattoo Company into what it is today.


He’s also made such an amazing name for himself as being one of the best (if not the best) color and black and grey realism tattoo artists here in Las Vegas. He’s won 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place awards at numerous tattoo conventions here in Las Vegas, Laughlin and at various other tattoo conventions in California and along the West Coast. The realistic quality of his tattoos is something that is favored not just between many other tattoo collectors far and wide, but also by many other “tattooers” that have collected tattoos from him (and many other famous tattoo artists as well), to add to their own collection of artwork to their very own bodies.


His charisma and attention to detail also carries over to his paintings; beautiful landscapes with such depth and character, they are simply magnificent! They are so extremely detailed and full of life, they breathe art and effect you very much the same way as his tattoos do, but on a canvas instead of on skin. With all of his accomplishments and the tattoos that he’s done throughout the years, there’s no wonder why he’s so sought out after by so many different tattoo enthusiasts and has won so many acknowledgments and awards for his work.


The amount of tattoo artists that do color or black and grey realism are quite extensive throughout the world, even in Las Vegas, but Jeff Parkway blows them away with his dedication and smooth consistency, to all of his large or small scale tattoos, with his tattoos healing beautifully and evenly each and every time. With all of this said, he’s not just a talented and proficient tattoo artist and skillful painter…. He’s made his mark in both industries and he continues to do so with many other endeavors to come in the near future.



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