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Aaron Is at Trip Ink Tattoo

We have a very special tattoo artist coming to tattoo at our shop starting Wednesday, December 11th to Sunday, December 15th. His name is Aaron Is. You might recognize him and his work from Ink Master Season 5, alongside Cleen Rock One and Jason Clay Dunn. He was also just in the last episode of Ink Master Grudge Match aired on Paramount Network this past Tuesday, November 26th.

Aaron is a good friend of the owner and lead tattoo artist Rick Trip at our shop. His artwork is super artsy with great lines and bright color. He’s also exceptional at pointillism and black and grey. Getting a tattoo from him is truly a work of art. Just check out some of his work pictured above and below:


Appointment Request With Aaron!

Book your tattoo with Aaron Is on our website here: https://www.tripinktattoo.vegas/contact-us-here/

He has openings to tattoo between 12/11-12/15 at our tattoo shop Trip Ink Tattoo Company, and you can check out more of his tattoo work at his Instagram below and you can also message him personally there to book your tattoo at: https://www.instagram.com/aaronistattoo/?hl=en

He also has some artwork that he’d love to tattoo here:

As you can see, Aaron is totally down to do some bad-ass tattoos at our shop while he’s visiting Vegas. Be sure to schedule your tattoo with him now so that you can collect a beautiful tattoo to add to your collection.