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14 Jun

Trip Ink Tattoo Company’s Awesome Shop Shirts on Rock Stars!!!!

New Website…new BLOGS! Hey there. I’m Stef Trip. Co-owner of Trip Ink Tattoo Company Las Vegas with my husband, Rick Trip. We’ve been in business here in the Vegas Valley for 3 years and we’ve meet and/or tattooed some of the coolest people that you can imagine. Here in this pic are some rock stars […]

7 Apr

Tattoo Aftercare

Tattoo Aftercare Tips from Trip Ink Tattoo Company

Aftercare for your tattoo is the first step to keeping your tattoo beautiful, because after all… you went through all of that pain to get tattooed, your tattoo deserves to be taken care of right. So here’s some aftercare tips from us to help you out during your tattoo’s healing progression.

6 Apr

Trip Ink’s Las Vegas Tattoo Artists

Trip Ink's Las Vegas Tattoo Artists

All of our tattoo artists at Trip Ink Tattoo Company (here in Las Vegas, Nevada) are exceptional at what they do. We have our custom tattoo artists, (featured with their personal Bios) that book by appointment only, and they charge a minimum per hour to tattoo. We also have our Shop Artists that tattoo all of our walk-in or scheduled clients, and they charge per piece or at our shop minimum. You can schedule with any of our talented artists either through our email at, on our website or through our Facebook Page at Trip Ink Tattoo Company.

5 Apr

Meet Trip Ink Tattoo Artist Derek Rubright

Meet Trip Ink Tattoo Artist Derek Rubright

Derek Rubright is our watercolor tattoo artist, with his availability being varied throughout the week, because of such the high demand for this artist for his unique yet beautiful style of tattooing.

“The one thing that makes me stand out is my dedication to always learning using the best equipment and creating a unique style of tattooing. My primary style is watercolor tattoos, where I combine nature and fantasy in an abstract and unique water color design.”

4 Apr

Meet Trip Ink Tattoo Artist Jeff Parkway

Meet Trip Ink Tattoo Artist Jeff Parkway

Born in upstate New York, Jeff joined the US Navy at the age of 18. While overseas in the South Pacific he learned how to tattoo from a native islander. Over serving four years, he moved out west to Las Vegas where he still resides today.

Jeff specializes in photo realism. Both black & gray and full color. He is known for his portraits of movie characters and animals.

In his free time, he likes to spend time with his family and oil paint.

“I think my attention to fine detail and bright color sets me apart from the other artists in Vegas. I stumbled upon tattooing by chance when I was in the navy and fell in love with it.”