Pay Deposit to Book

Walk-in customers are welcome every day, but are on a first come first serve basis. To check for availability for being a walk-in we strongly suggest calling us first at 702-586-5308.

Scheduled tattoo appointments are first priority of course. To set up a tattoo appointment with one of our artists we do require a deposit to hold the appointment and your deposit also goes towards the price of the tattoo.

DEPOSITS are non-refundable, but can also be rolled over for multiple tattoo sessions and also may be used to reschedule as long as we are given enough notice. Deposits are required again though to reschedule, if a client is a no-call no-show for their tattoo appointment with their artist. (Under special circumstances our artists may be able to still honor tattoo deposits for their no-call no-show clients, and under even more special circumstances our artists may be able to refund deposits, but primarily deposits are and always will be non-refundable.)

We also provide FREE tattoo consultations at our shop. During a tattoo consult your artist will go over the tattoo design, the size it needs to be to be tattooed perfectly and also the price of the tattoo.

When it comes to any sort of pricing, we generally only give prices at our shop in person during a FREE tattoo consultation. We do however have a shop minimum that changes throughout the week, so call us at 702-586-5308 during business hours to ask what our minimum is, if you’re looking to get a simple tattoo design with easy placement. And each of our artists do specialize in different tattoo styles, as well as many of the same styles… and a few specialize in more elaborate tattoo techniques (such as realism, black and grey, new school, script, watercolor, face/finger/foot/hand tattoos, etc). It just really depends upon what you want to get tattooed and also their availability.

To “Contact Us” scroll down to the section below and fill out the form. From there we’ll email you and answer any questions that you may have, as well as set you up with a tattoo appointment, or a FREE tattoo consultation.


Here is an interesting section on our website that you have to check out! This is where our artists post tattoo art and designs that they’d love to tattoo, the way they want to tattoo them, at an amazing price! Look at what we got for you below in our Tattoos Up For Grabs gallery, then schedule with the artist who’d be doing the tattoo that you choose by Contacting Us below.