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18 Dec

Jeremy Spencer of FFDP

Jeremy Spencer of FFDP

As most of you metal-heads know… Jeremy Spencer of FFDP… their exceptional drummer and one of their founders… has left the band. And as a most of you know he’s a good friend of ours too. It shouldn’t be a sad thing that he’s taking on different dreams and reaching for better outcomes in life. […]

3 Dec

Tattoo Gift Certificate Special!

‘‘Tattoo Gift Certificate Special!” It’s the best time of the year to give, receive and share in the positive spirit of things. It’s also a wonderful time to get a great deal on our tattoo gift certificate special at our shop. And our tattoo shop is the best place to save right now on getting […]

4 Oct

Inspirational Interview With Clark North

Many accomplished tattoo artists know who Clark North is and what he’s brought to the tattoo industry. But, when you talk to this master in person about what’s driven him these many years, and how he sees the tattoo world changing you can’t help but feel like you’re in the presence of greatness. He’s a […]

23 Aug

Rick Trip’s “TRIP” to the East Coast!

Starting Thursday, August 30th Rick Trip, owner, lead artist and fearless leader of our tattoo shop Trip Ink Tattoo Company (in Las Vegas, Nevada), will be traveling to the East Coast! His first stop during his trip is in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where he’ll travel to Rising Sun, Maryland to do a 6 day tattoo guest […]

3 Aug

Tattoo Summer Fun Day 2018!

This is an event that’s gonna be epic! A pool party at a big-ass house, in the same neighborhood as the Graffiti Mansion! Pool party, DJ, food, drinks (and you’re encouraged to bring drinks too 😉) and all hosted by Trip Ink Tattoo Company, Tattoo Allstars and Pegasus Executive Services along with a shit ton […]