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13 Dec

French Tattoo Connection in Marseille!

Here’s a BLOG about the 4th tattoo shop that we visited while on vacation in Europe! (This was the only tattoo shop that we visited while in France.) The streets of Marseille were very narrow and crowded, with the many people shopping here and there for trinkets, clothes, food… anything that you can imagine for […]

5 Dec

Interview with Mike Schwab!!!!

About a month ago, our good friend and fellow tattooer Mike started working with us at Trip Ink Tattoo Company! He’s a very unique and talented artist, with his tattoo style being one of the most sought after in the tattoo industry today. We did a little interview with him so that everybody can get […]

27 Nov

Rick Trip and Goon in Reno!!!!

This is just in! Rick Trip and Alex (Goon) Kelley, from Trip Ink Tattoo Company Las Vegas, will be taking a road trip out to Reno, Nevada, to both tattoo guest spot at our good friends Shannon and Matt Snell’s (Shannon is a DJ at Stone Chrome Radio in Reno and Matt was the ex […]

25 Nov

Tattoo Point in Naples, Italy!!!!

The third tattoo shop that we visited, during our European trip, was in the beautiful and historic city of Naples, Italy. We by chance ran into Tattoo Point, while we were sight seeing, enjoying glasses of wine and eating the most amazing pizza from the city where pizza originated from. Well hidden and tucked away […]

13 Nov

Family Art Tattoo, in Barcelona!!!!

Here’s another BLOG, about one of the many tattoo shops that we visited while traveling throughout Europe. While we were walking around Barcelona, Spain we saw some beautiful and inspiring sights, but we had our heart set on visiting Family Art Tattoo… a tattoo shop that we’ve heard of mainly because of the man who […]