Rick Trip Tattoo Inks Signature Series From Bloodline (21 Color Set)

8 Sep

Rick Trip Tattoo Inks Signature Series From Bloodline (21 Color Set)


21 Color Set 1oz. bottles – $189.00
21 Color Set 2oz. bottles – $321.00



From the Trip Ink Tattoo Company in Las Vegas, this 21 color set of Rick Trip Tattoo Inks is a signature series from Bloodline Tattoo Inks and includes the following colors:

  • Las Vegas “Black Jack” Black
  • San Francisco “Humboldt” Green
  • Los Angeles “Hollywood Star” Yellow
  • Austin “Blue Bonnet” Blue
  • Miami “Mockingbird” Grey
  • Honolulu “Deep Water” Blue
  • New York “Big Apple” Red
  • New Orleans “Mardi Gras” Purple
  • Denver “Omelette” Yellow
  • Detroit “Taxi Cab” Yellow
  • Washington DC “Money” Green
  • Phoenix “Desert” Red
  • Boston “Tea Party” Brown
  • Seattle “Seagull” White
  • San Diego “Sea Shore” Blue
  • Reno “Royal Flush” Red
  • Portland “Big Pink” Pink
  • Philadelphia “Liberty” Green
  • Nashville “Sunset” Magenta
  • Salt Lake City “Salt Lake” Blue
  • Orange County “Orange” Orange

Rick Trip Signature Tattoo Inks from Bloodline Tattoo Inks are made in the USA

Computer monitors can produce some color variation. The color of our inks may vary slightly from the color in this swatch. Although we’ve taken every effort to ensure the colors are close we cannot guarantee color accuracy.

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