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15 Sep

Tattoo Deposit


Schedule a tattoo with us, after paying your Tattoo Deposit HERE! Simply put $25, $50 or $100 for your deposit, by scrolling down in our Deposit Amount variations.




Pay your Tattoo Deposit for a tattoo, with one of our tattoo artists HERE!

Our Tattoo Deposits go automatically towards the price of the tattoo booked, and they start at $25 to schedule the simplest tattoo. We also have available $50 deposits, for more elaborate tattoos, or our $100 deposits for any tattoo that takes most of the day, to a whole day (or more) to complete.

You can ONLY schedule a tattoo with us with a Tattoo Deposit, so pay for yours now here to book a tattoo at our shop!

Additional information

Deposit Amount

$25, $50, $100

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